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ABout ME

Love Dancing,Music,Singing,Suju
Crazy with Heechul,Lee Donghae

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대결! 슈퍼주니어의 자작극 [7/28/06 at 4 am]

new short drama directered by suju will be released soon
i cant wait for it>/////////<

Some icons for 대결! 슈퍼주니어의 자작극
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.... [7/26/06 at 6 pm]
[ mood | melancholy ]

yeaterday i had date carrie that we would hang out to have bbq
but since sharon lai had date with a boy(?)haha to ocean park
and also janice didn't want to go
so the bbq dinner was cancelled
i didnt unhappy with that actually =,,=
as the weather is too hot
ethel again made me mad
she always shows all her emotion
and i saw her xanga
it really suck
please go die and dont ask anything 'bout me
i cant claim till even now
why she always push all the faults on me?
she pretend she is always at the right place..
please look into the mirror
which part of you is good?
go to hell

new bannar for celebrate ds's first concert


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[7/26/06 at 1 pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

just old creations

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bored [7/26/06 at 4 am]
[ mood | bored ]

Today was just fine
i did my normal things and went to my favourite webs
making icon really enrich my poor summer holiday...
eventhough it bored me,but worthwhile.
later i would think of posting some of my shits on LJ@O@

i browsed those suju forum and found that heechul is really a godsend
he did all kind of sweetest things to make me feel like i am in love>///<

I do agree that i am very abnormal comparing with all my friends
but they also do.
i found that i really dislike her
sometimes she even disgust me
especially with her great imagination to marry those good-looking singers-_-
how come a girl aged 17 always think of sth would impossibly to happen?
also,her behaviar also very sorry,
she always laughed at me with the crazying of suju,
but she reacted crazier than me.......
it really sucks,=,,=

my english really got no improve,
and wiser....
how to make it better so that i could freely talk to those foreign ppl?-_-

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